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caring for dental implants

Properly Caring for Your Dental Implants

Dental Implants were a great choice to get your beautiful smile back! They provide the same stability as your original teeth so you can feel confident in long lasting results, especially if you are properly caring for dental implants. At Vivid Dental, we understand that you want your implant to maintain the same great look as the day we put it in place. To help you properly care for your dental implant, we have worked together to provide you with the information below to help clarify the proper care of your dental implants.

The first 48 hours after your dental implant surgery is the most important time to ensure you are properly caring for dental implants. Make sure to keep the gauze pack in place immediately following the surgery, and only change it if you have persistent bleeding. If the bleeding is minimal, you can revert to changing the gauze just every hour rather than every time you notice it getting stained. On the first day you can expect  oozing, bleeding, swelling, and a little bit of discomfort or pain as your body is getting adjusted to the new implant. Make sure to apply ice, rinse with salt water starting 24 hours after the procedure, and brush your teeth very gently the night of surgery. This regimen will help prevent any potential infection that comes with not properly caring for dental implants and your oral health.

For the weeks following your procedure, you should continue your normal oral health regimen and visit your dentist regularly for cleanings. It is recommended to get your implant professionally cleaned often in the first couple of months after the procedure. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with salt water are all must-do’s for the first few weeks. It is also a good idea to adjust your diet to eating less acidic and softer foods. 

For long-term results remember to clean your dental implant properly and schedule appointments with our dental experts at Vivid Dental just as you would for your natural teeth! This will keep implants strong and healthy so you can go on enjoying your regular activities. If you have any further questions regarding your new dental implant, or want to schedule a follow up appointment, use our easy online scheduler or call the location most convenient to you today. We look forward to hearing from you!