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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Many people fear their next trip to the dentist and end up not giving their teeth the care they deserve due to those anxieties. If scheduling your next trip to the dentist makes your nerves go a little haywire, you may want to consider a sedation appointment. Sedation dentistry helps to calm your nerves during dental treatments so that your teeth can be properly cared for, and we can help you maintain good oral health. We wanted to provide you with the following information on sedation dentistry to help you determine if this is a good solution to your dental unease. 

With sedation dentistry one of our dental experts will administer medication to help you relax during a regular exam and cleaning, or any other dental procedure you may need to undergo. Some people may also refer to this process as “sleep dentistry,” although that is not entirely accurate. We offer multiple variations on dental sedatives based on your level of anxiety, and your awareness can range from completely awake to very drowsy depending on the dosage we determine together.

The sedatives we offer can be administered through inhalation of gas or taken orally with a pill. The most common form of inhaled sedation is nitrous oxide, which you may know as “laughing gas.” This form of sedation will not put you to sleep fully, but it will help to ensure that you remain relaxed throughout your entire appointment. If you are feeling a bit more on edge, we can provide you with an oral sedative that will be prescribed to you prior to your appointment to be taken an hour before your scheduled treatment. This will have you feeling relaxed by the time our dentists or hygienists have you set up in the chair.

Sedation Dentistry can also be used to help with the following issues outside of anxiety:

  • low pain tolerance
  • bad gag reflex
  • extreme tooth sensitivity
  • inability to sit still for your appointment

If you believe you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry, call our front desk today to talk about your options with one of our friendly staff members before your next appointment with Vivid Dental!